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A Guide to the Health Benefits of Maca The Peruvian Root That’s the Latest Superfood. Maca: The Peruvian Superfood

Maca is a root whose healing properties have been utilized for hundreds of years. It’s really within the last few years that maca has gained favor among the set who frequents whole food stores.

A cruciferous vegetable, maca is native to the Peruvian Andes. Maca looks like other root plants such as radishes and turnips. Most people consume maca in powder form.

The Medicinal Properties

A lot of people have low energy in the mornings. How does someone cure this? Consider taking maca, a superfood, each day to improve your energy. Although there isn’t enough research on this topic, many consumers have self-reported that maca to raise their energy levels.

The maca root is a natural antioxidant. In one rat study, maca was not only able to improve the rats’ levels of antioxidants, but it also lowered the cholesterol and triglycerides of the animals as well. The root also protects against heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

People who have mood and memory concerns self-report that maca makes them more awake and driven. Clinical trials suggest this is true. Studies have not confirmed how maca does this but it’s guessed that the root stymies sharp increase in blood sugar as well as sugar crashes.

When it comes to female sexual health, other studies confirm that maca helps women in multiple ways. The libido of postmenopausal women who took antidepressants increased after they ate maca. Also, maca can limit the effect of menopause, balancing sex hormone levels.

The female reproductive system is controlled primarily with estrogen. When estrogen is irregular, so is a woman’s periods and mood. Shifts in estrogen make a woman less likely to get pregnant. When it comes to polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), maca can regulate estrogen to lessen the symptoms of that condition.

Testosterone levels can be improved in men who take maca. In one study, men who used maca supplements for eight weeks improved their libido. Testosterone affects male infertility.

Regarding sexual desire in both men and women, maca was able to promote it. Only two studies examined sexual desire. The studies are not a smoking gun and more research needs to be conducted.


There are a number of nutrients in maca. The powder maca comes in contains a variety of protein, fiber, and vitamins and minerals. There are more than 20 amino acids in the powder, and that includes eight essential amino acids, as well as phytonutrients.

Lastly, vegetarian and vegans use the powder in their cooking because it contains healthy plant compounds.

Some would describe the taste of maca as bold and malty. Maca also tastes good with cacao, another food that has a host of medicinal effects. You can find maca in health food stores or buy online. Maca Peruana comprar.

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